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Claudia Valetta Wunderlich – Thiem.Wunder

Claudia Valetta Wunderlich

As the daughter of a professional singer, she was born with musicality. Not least because of this, music is a very special part of her life.

In order to accompany her singing herself, she taught herself to play the guitar from the age of 18 - this also marked the beginning of the creation of her first own songs. Her heart beats for many styles of music: pop, soul, German pop and country. The latter connects her with traveling and her relatives in the USA.

After moving her center of life to Hamburg, she joined a choir. There Claudia met her musical soulmate Stella. 
Together with her she is the front woman of Thiem.Wunder. Claudia loves two voices and making music together very much.

Fiona Stella Thieme

Thanks to her musical family, she was already sitting in piano lessons at the age of 6. Having had enough of classical sounds, she turned to the guitar. But she also loved singing, which she pursued passionately in the choir.

She had her first solo performances already at the age of 14, where she presented self-written German songs. After a long time without a fixed "combo" and music colleagues, she joined the same choir as Claudia, where they met and their musical love story began.

Music fulfills Stella. Therefore, the choir and the band are important parts in her life. Despite her stage fright, she enjoys performing - and being in two voices with Claudia is a unique treasure for Stella.

Fiona Stella Thieme – Thiem.Wunder

Together they become: Thiem.Wunder

It is not just two family names put together. It is the name for a band in which every single person makes a special contribution in their own way - with humanity, musical talent and without vanity. Just wonderful Thiem work.

When arranging the songs, they proceed intuitively. Rarely are the voices previously agreed, the harmonies arise from the moment. Therefore, during rehearsals is always recorded, because in the spontaneity ingenious dissonances arise. And it is not only vocally that they harmonize. They are mostly VERY united in the song selection. If they do not feel a song, it is not included in the repertoire. But their own accompaniment weakens the focus on singing together. So the next logical step was to look for musicians to support them instrumentally - with the same enthusiasm, attitude and commitment. Fortunately, they didn't have to look for long ... in their own choir they found two talented musicians* who became a part of the band. In 2019, in December, the first joint performance took place.



His musical career initially led from the trumpet through symphony orchestras and jazz big bands to the drums - and from there stylistically through independent, hard rock and metal. The drummer and percussionist feels at home in many genres. Jerry has also joined Thiem.Wunder in 2019. With his good mood and organizational talent, as well as his loyal nature, he enriches the band not only musically.


Already at the age of 3 she sat at the piano, then at 25 she added the guitar. After spending 10 years at the keys of a metal band, she discovered street music for herself with voice and guitar. Now she has finally found her heart's band, which she has supported since 2019 as a pianist - and all-round talent also on guitar or as lead voice on favorite songs. She completes Thiem.Wunder with her incredible flexibility, her fantastic musical ear and her endearing nature.


The band's mascot is happy about every treat, loves to be petted but is also content in his basket when the band rehearsal demands more attention than he does.

He welcomes everyone with a happy wagging tail and exhilarates any nervousness before a gig.